BSc/MSc theses

A list of BSc and MSc theses supervised in our research group at the JGU Mainz is provided below. For inquiries about available topics, please send an email request (

Ongoing & completed projects:


Dogan Cem Kalay. Functional characterization of SMG1 in plant Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay. MSc thesis (ongoing).

Anne Schmidt. Gel electrophoretic mobility of recombinant RS proteins. BSc thesis (ongoing)

Moritz Paul Denecke. Proximity Labelling for the identification of RS protein interactors in planta. MSc thesis (ongoing).


Laura Sophie Schütz. Establishment of proximity labeling to identify RS protein interaction partners in planta. BSc thesis (05/2021).

Leonhard Tankred Thews. Construction, expression and biophysical analysis of recombinant RS-proteins from Arabidopsis thaliana. BSc thesis (04/2021).

Jens Christian Mülders. The role of novel structured mRNA motif 3126-1 in plant alternative splicing control. BSc thesis (03/2021).


Dogan Cem Kalay. Rekombinante Expression und Aufreinigung von pflanzlichen RS-Proteinen. BSc thesis (11/2020).

Verena Schneider. Examining the influence of localisation sequences on PTB2-TRIBE activity. BSc thesis (10/2020).

Marc Gebauer. Alternative splicing control of the RNA helicase gene DRH1 in Arabidopsis thaliana. BSc thesis (10/2020).

Maren Reinhardt. Characterization of new non-coding RNA classes in plant alternative splicing control. MSc thesis (08/2020).

Katarina O. Erbstein. Role of SnRK1 as energy sensor during plant development. BSc thesis (03/2020).

Kim N. Janßen. Examining the Cellular Site of PTB-Target RNA Interactions via Plant TRIBE. BSc thesis (02/2020).


Moritz P. Denecke. Photomorphogenesis response in splicing regulator mutants. BSc thesis (10/2019).

Kevin Rockenbach. Identification of PTB2 targets via Plant-TRIBE. BSc thesis (09/2019).